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When your products serve or control the core production operations of your customers you can not allow dust, heat, corrosive or other harsh conditions to damage their effectiveness! If your customers have problems they could suffer great harm, while you receive many expensive callbacks for warranty repairs and service.

To help eliminate these problems in the field, DMC designs and builds harsh-duty industrial HVAC equipment specifically for OEM’s to use to protect the delicate electronic, laboratory and medical equipment you make for your customers' extreme industrial, marine and military environments.


DMC takes many steps to protect its equipment to assure that your host equipment will receive proper HVAC protection. We make all cabinets exclusively of the most corrosion-tolerant stainless steel — 316L, not just the less-resistant 304. We protect all the condensers and evaporators with the highest-quality, lowest-porosity (particularly effective in marine environments) epoxy applied electrostatically in a bath and then baked to cure.

DMC seals key electrical components inside NEMA 4X/IP66 boxes to keep out all corrosive gases, moisture, and dusts.

For potentially radioactive environments such as nuclear power plants, DMC can modify the designs to utilize only materials that do not absorb radioactivity.


DMC rates the cooling capacities of our air conditioners at ambient temperatures of 131°F (55°C), not just at the normal 95°F (35°C), to assure full capacity in hot locations.

Furthermore, our patented design assures that they will maintain this full cooling capacity down to low-ambient temperatures without adjustment and without delicate fan-speed controls and sensors.

Note: if you must also heat your buildings or vehicles, DMC offers installs integral, corrosion-resistant incoloy tubular heating elements.


DMC designs all its air conditioners and other HVAC equipment not to clog or lose efficiency in heavy dust.

All our condensers and evaporators have widely-spaced fins so that sand and dust will pass through them, and they have electrostatically-applied baked-on epoxy coatings to help prevent the porosity that can help particles stick to the fins.

We use only sealed compressors and extra-strong, totally-enclosed motors with 300-series stainless-steel shafts.

Our backwardly inclined blower wheels tolerate heavy dirt loads, and we use an especially strong polyamide-6 plastic reinforced with 30% glass fiber to make them stronger, quieter, more energy-efficient, and more corrosion-resistant than almost any other type of wheel.


As you know, the same electrical problems that can damage your products' electronics could damage the electronic controls of most HVAC equipment. DMC aims to eliminate that risk by using only mechanical controls.

Using only mechanical controls also helps eliminate the need for specially-trained technicians to service our equipment because they can be repaired easily, and we specifically choose components that can be purchased locally in most places without waiting for parts from our factory.


Because DMC makes its air conditioners for extreme applications, we use over-sized and heavy-duty components that last longer than those of ordinary commercial and residential air conditioners.

Since DMC designs its units specifically for durability and operations under extreme conditions, they retain their energy efficiency under such conditions. DMC air conditioners are the “greenest” under harsh conditions.


Even when DMC adapts its units for flammable and explosive environments, they retain all their other harsh-duty advantages and durability. Therefore, they afford a far better return on investment than residential or commercial units modified for hazardous locations. In addition, DMC makes a special priority the development and production of robust Division/Zone 1 air conditioners, with and without heat.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. If you have a particular application in mind, click here. We look forward to having the opportunity to team up with you, either to work with our standard products or to develop ones that will more specifically suit your needs.